Security Is Our Top Priority

Our business is based on trust and keeping your assets safe is our number one concern

Security by Design

Altercap is built with consideration for security and privacy at every level, from the underlying hardware and infrastructure to high-level design and architectural decisions.

Our infrastructure is set up in accordance with best practices, borrowed from the payment processing industry.

All Altercap software is developed according to secure application development practices with quality control baked into every step.

We take data privacy seriously and collect only the information we need to conduct business.

Secure User Interface

Our application is built according to modern security standards

Users are required to have a strong password that matches our security guidelines.

Accounts are protected using two-factor authentication.

All communication with the platform is encrypted using up-to-date encryption algorithms.

Solid Custody Partners

Safely storing the private keys of wallets is the most difficult and important part of any crypto service. For this reason, we have partnered with Fireblocks. This platform is highly trustworthy, with a proven track record in terms of safe, enterprise-grade, crypto custody.

The Fireblocks network helps secure everyday operations like liquidity management and settlements.

Fireblocks uses proprietary multi-party computation (MPC) algorithms that split private keys into smaller parts, which are stored safely in seperate locations.

Fireblocks provides a solid multi-layer security foundation by leveraging hardware capabilities, such as Intel SGX, as well as software features, like internal policy engines.

Zero-trust approach

Access to your funds is strictly regulated by the Altercap platform.

Our employees can only access your funds in accordance with internal operational procedures. This is to prevent theft by malicious actors or loss of funds due to human error.

No single employee has full control over wallets. To protect against internal collusion, all out-of-the-ordinary operations must be cryptographically signed by multiple parties.

Prepared for the Worst

As unlikely as doomsday scenarios are, we have to be prepared. That’s why when performing risk analysis we test for worst-case scenarios and put remediation controls in place.

Our wallets can be insured to get extra protection against theft.

Should our custody partners cease to operate, assets can still be recovered and will be returned to their owners.